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threesecondcircus.com moves to timeseed.com

August 26th, 2008 · No Comments

We have completed the transition of our site threesecondcircus.com to timeseed.com. We are happy with this third incarnation of the work. Timeseed better reflects the nature of the work and is shorter, a plus on the web.

We will be publishing the book with the new name in due process. We have begun to develop a teaching poster and the transcribing of another book that Arthur has written about the system.

It seems that life is a series of adjustments in our thinking. We hope that you enjoy this work, play, love and healing!

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Animal as Love and Eternal Celf

February 14th, 2008 · 1 Comment

arch111.pngEach week, I pick a card from threesecondcircus.com. The question that I asked this week is “Which of the 48 villagers (archetypes) can help me sustain my writing on our websites?” I entered three numbers and selected one of 48 cards. In this system, the celf is the cell as light and the self as light – celf. This teacher is ARCHETYPE ELEVEN.

Each being – a part of our PRISMATIC CELF- comes from our own life experiences. This seer is a standing primate holding a hefty staff. Here is his SAYING:

“This animal holds his SCEPTRE OF AUTHORITY. Equality with Royalty is in this wood.” When I was putting this system together as a book and cards, Deborah and I were living in a house gifted to us near Nevada City, CA The two story had magpies galore, a sacred sweat dug back into a mound of decomposed granite, a well and a small lake nearby. Every day at sunrise, I would leave the bigger house and go outside to a small space built of saplings and canvas.

This PRIMATE tells me that he is not a peasant begging at the table of the king and queen. He says that he does not need the gem encrusted staff inset with gold to be the center of his domain. He lives simply and carries his AUTHORITY STICK. In his life, his authority and his power comes from SEEDS that have been nourished and grown into small trees . “Since you are a forest animal and eternal TEACHER OF LOVE – what do you have to say to me,” I asked. We found two rocks, both with moss, and sat down facing one another. Then, he spoke softly:

” This GROUP ANIMAL is connected to all other animals. Describe your CONNECTION with animals”. So, I said to him -” I know that birds fly in flocks and fish swim in schools and humans seem to need other human’s company.” The furred guru said to me – “Well, living by the ocean, you have sea gulls; and all around your house you have croaking frogs. Maybe, you should ask them how to consistently write. “Well, I have”, I said, and the sea gulls said “fly free” and the frogs said “croak with passion”. The primate shifted position – “Honor all other animals, including humans, and accept your need for a tribe, wherever you are”.

The ape pushed the staff out from the rock, pursed his lips and said: “Much of the movement in the world is RULED BY THREES. So, here is question two. SIMPLE IMAGE ANIMALS let love flow. Do complex images divert or dam your flow of love?” It was quiet in the forest. It seemed a long time passed before I replied: “It has never been my desire to DIVERT or DAM the flow of love into me and out from me. Yet, I know complex intellectual views of life can divert or deflect SIMPLY FELT LOVE away from me.”

The creature stood up with his authority stick, listened and said nothing. Then, he posed question three: “Do you LOVE YOURCELF as much as others? Do you need an authority stick to do that?” The sun was setting. It was time to leave. He gave me his staff. He waved goodbye. In parting, he said “Each word and image is a breathing sphere of peace, power and wealth. A staff is more than a PIECE OF WOOD.”

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Timeseed is Who We Are!

February 13th, 2008 · No Comments

This blog – TIMESEED – is our posting place for varied web sites:

threesecondcircus.com – a VILLAGE OF SEERS within each person – an archetypal medicine council – a system of TIME DESIGN – practical, preventive WELLNESS for daily life.

americabeginsathome.com – this design is FREE for your personal use – a heart of red and white stripes pierced by an arrow – with 13 blue stars/colonies – DE-CENTRALIZE the U.S.

lovethatmuse.com – you can see all of our designs and products thru this site. If you are an ARTIST, cafepress.com will sell your designs as T-SHIRTS, totes, posters…

domainsintime.com – we have 150 DOMAIN NAMES at this site ranging from alternative energy/medicine, propane powered, & local grown wines to names for casinos.

So, both Deborah and I will be drawing from our own experiences to write about the mystical aspects of our lives as well as the practical, material, everyday world. We will be writing about the 48 archetypes, about our designs/domains and, in a non-partisan fashion, we will write about the FUTURE OF AMERICA, as we see it.

I read other journalists/writers everyday. I usually want to know something about writers that I read consistently. So, who is the gray-haired writer – ARTHUR? I was born in 1940 when the US was officially neutral (by law) as the Nazis gobbled up more and more territory. A year later, Pearl Harbor pulled us into the war. I wore a little soldier suit, as the war went on, and there was rationing. I grew up in South Texas, two hours from the Mexican border.

My southern ancestry was from Tennessee (my father/grandparents}and my northern ancestry from Pennsylvania (my mother/grandmother}. I grew up fishing and hunting in both states. My father’s clan was centered in the country and my mother’s family in the city. Both families were fiercely independent and had their own small businesses.

I had been living in a world of herbalists, spiritualistas and teachers since I was born. But I remember distinctly helping the curandera (at age 10) to make tortillas and to sort her herbs. If you were sick, you could consult an herbalist. I will write about NATURAL MEDICINE as part of the solution for the health care “crisis” in America. Health Care should come from county governments. Unfunded mandates come from the feds to the states to the counties. There is administrative costs at every level. Part of the solution is to divide all REVENUES going into the federal govt into three parts – with one-third going to each level of govt – federal, state and local (which includes county governments, towns, cities and rural areas). Without this, essential, social services will drown with the US budget.

I went to the University of Texas at Austin and got a degree in Journalism – with my passion being government, economics and English. This was in 1971. I am glad that I was in school during that era of strong, investigative reporting – when Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather and Bill Moyers spoke at UT and encouraged us to seek a higher vision for America.

I worked in the advertising departments of two daily newspapers. Then, I worked for 12 years in the design and operation of new, SOCIAL SERVICE programs. I was in charge of the media for an urban, community action agency at 27- operating with funds from OEO and the Department of Labor. We trained low income people for skilled jobs.

I also worked for two County governments – with one I managed 26 social service contract agencies, all different and with different funding sources. I also worked on the staff of a District Attorney for two years – handling media/admin for an alternative sentencing program. I worked for a second community action agency from 1969-72 as an advocate for low income people. I also held upper management positions with Head Start for four years. I wrote grants and assured compliance for 1,500 preschoolers – visiting 25 centers each month.

By 1980, I was pretty burned out on the sixties and seventies. I had finished 22 years of a non-stop life. In addition to supporting myself, I was involved in a number of projects from supporting political candidates to protests that got me gassed, jailed and beaten. I had lost count of the number of threats. Texas politics in the 60’s & 70’s was “take no prisoners”.

I was living, alone, in a house near Austin in the 80″s. I let all of my political and other entanglements drop away. It turned out the house was built on top of a number of middens -ancient kitchen spaces stacked one on top of the other thru time. Different phenomena happened for which I had no experience or intellectual/emotional formats. After a year of teaching/healing from this mystical theatre, I was invited to Nevada City – an old, goldrush/Victorian town north of Sacramento and west of Lake Tahoe.

In Northern California, I met Deborah and we were married in the early 80’s. Since that time, we have lived in the Anasazi ceremonial grounds in Arizona – in a multi-owner village that kept the spirit of the sixties alive. We went back to the Austin area for two years to be near my family. In 2006, we moved back to northern California to be near Deborah’s three children and four grandchildren. Now we are living in the village of Mendocino, north of San Francisco.

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Healer as Love and Eternal Celf

January 11th, 2008 · 1 Comment


Healer as Love and Eternal Celf

When we are there, which is forever, WE LOVE THEM.




3. Nature is measured in angstrom units – HUMAN AURIC LIGHTS. What color are you?

This is my first post on timeseed.com. I decided to choose a card from threesecondcircus.com to help me focus my mind for the task

The image feels synchronistically appropriate, as the image reflects the environment we live in. The beauty of the Northern California coast, especially here in Mendocino, is a great image of the love that nature expresses to us at all times.

So, anyone who has been to threesecondcircus.com knows that there are three questions to help me focus my thoughts.


I must say that I am not sure how I could return to the planet as much as I recieve.That Said, I do feel that loving the planet and my life are a good place to start.

I was taught by my father to pick up trash in nature, and not to leave my own behind for others. This Christmas, I gave my childrens families cloth grocery bags. I live within walking distance of the “day job” I enjoy.

Arthur had the desire to share Three Second Circus free with the world, and I have learned how to do that. Right now we are giving “America Begins At Home” away free to people as we feel strongly that people need to remember personal responsibility in our politics and our homes.


I suppose that I do agree. Being female in this lifetime celf I continue to have monthly reminders of the rhythm of life. My creativity and the development of that has also ebbed and flowed through the years. This topic could be explored in much greater detail through time, but right now, I am happy to be writing again. I had written nearly daily for twenty years, but for the past year, I hadn’t written very much. I attribute the change to a physical move and psychic adaptation to a new work/environment.

3. Nature is measured in angstrom units – HUMAN AURIC LIGHTS. What color are you?

This is a funny question, in that yesterday I wore a coat that was a fuscia color. I was pretty uncomfortable in it. There was a time when I had a coat that color, that I lived in, at the time I was focused on my spiritual development I am currently wearing more earth tones, orange and greens and browns. I am grounding my spiritual nature into the physical world.

So, we have come to the end of my first post in timeseed.com. I hope to come here often in the months and years to come. I hope you will join me! Deborah

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Welcome to timeseed.com

December 26th, 2007 · No Comments

Deborah and I have a broad range of interests. You can check out our blogroll to get an overview. We are going write about our interests here. Here’s to a great 2008!

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